Research Resources

©AGNS. Frederick B. Nichols, c. 1870. “Uniacke District, Looking NW and NE”, Watercolour over graphite on wove paper. *Image source: Artefacts Canada.
*all resources below are hyperlinked. This is a working list, updated periodically.

Scientific papers/ publications:

Mechanisms of gold biomineralization in the bacterium Cupriavidus metallidurans

The role of microorganisms in gold processing and recovery—A review

Cupriavidus metallidurans: A Modern Alchemist

Synergistic gold–copper detoxification at the core of gold biomineralisation in Cupriavidus metallidurans

The History of Cupriavidus metallidurans Strains Isolated from Anthropogenic Environments

Many more scientific papers on C. metallidurans

Related Bioart/ Art:

Bacteria’s Resistance to Toxic Chemicals Lets It Produce 24K Gold

Gold From Bacteria: Scientists Prod ‘Superman Bacteria’ Into Producing 24-Karat Nuggets

Gold in Art (Goldmine representations through art) (Nova Scotia-specific)

Edward Burtynsky’s “Mines” photo series

DIY/ Craft-based Bioremediation:

Earth Repair

Common Threads: Weaving Community through Collaborative Eco-Art


Dark Ecology — For a Logic of Future Coexistence

What is Dark Ecology? by Timothy Morton

Language and Landscape:

LEARNING THE LANGUAGE OF THE LAND (particularly pp 27-45)

Atlantic Provinces Sign Language Place Names

Field Site information:

Dr Linda Campbell’s research website

RFP — Former Gold Mine Sites Montague and Goldenville

N.S. plans to close 2 sites contaminated by old gold mines

Relevant Protocols/ papers containing protocols:

Soil inoculation

Bacteria sensitive to nutrient broth medium in terrestrial environments

Bouillon Cubes as a Substitute for Beef Extract or Meat in Nutrient Media

Other references:

Cupriavidus metallidurans microbe wiki

These Bacteria Digest Toxic Metals And Poop Out Tiny Gold Nuggets

Mining: Gold by Aqua Regia

Extremophile (Wikipedia)

Maritime Sign Language (MSL) (Wikipedia)